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Embeddability problem in right-angled Artin groups
[2017 KAIST Math. Colloquium]
Date: 2017-10-26
Speaker : 이언경 (세종대학교)
Abstract : Right-angled Artin groups (RAAGs) are defined from finite simplicial graphs. It is a fundamental question whether or not, given two RAAGs, there is an embedding from one group to the other. Extension graphs are useful in solving this problem. In this talk, I will briefly review RAAGs and extension graphs, and show some results on solving the embeddability problem in RAAGs by using extension graphs.
Information Center for Mathematical Sciences KAIST
34141 대전광역시 유성구 대학로 291 (구성동373-1)
한국과학기술원(KAIST) 수리과학정보센터
전화 042-350-8196
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