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Classification of discrete series representations of odd GSpin groups
[2018 KAIST 세미나]
Date: 2018-05-30
Speaker : 김연수 (전남대학교)
Abstract : The classification of discrete series is one important subject with numerous application in the harmonic analysis and in the theory of automorphic forms. Recently, with Ivan Mati ́c (University of Osijek, Croatia), we obtain a classification of discrete series of odd general spin groups, generalizing the Mœglin-Tadi ́c classification for classical groups. Our approach presents a simplified and uniform proof of a bijective correspondence between isomorphism classes of the non-cuspidal discrete series and the admissible triples, which mostly relies on purely algebraic methods, available in both classical and the odd general spin case. If time permits, I am going to explain what Mati ́c and I recently did for other connected reductive groups.
Information Center for Mathematical Sciences KAIST
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