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On orbit braid groups
[The 5th Korea Toric Topology Winter Workshop]
Date: 2019-01-23
Speaker : Zhi Lu (Fudan University)
Abstract : Let M be a (topological) connected manifold with an action of a finite group G. We establish the notion of (pure) orbit braid groups for the G-manifold. We will see that this notion is not only the generalization to the classical (pure) braid groups de ned by the fundamental groups 1(F(M; n)) and 1(F(M; n)=) of the con guration space F(M; n) of M, but also the classical (pure) braid groups can be regarded as subgroups of the orbit braid group de ned by us. In addition, we also study the relation between the orbit braid group and the fundamental group of the orbit con guration space FG(M; n).We try to establish a theory of orbit braid group. This is a joint work with Hao Li and Fengling Li.
Information Center for Mathematical Sciences KAIST
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