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  • 2013 년도 - 1016 개-
    Precision Calculations for Precision Measurements: A Quantum Chemists Point of View - Robert Moszynski (Univ. Warsaw & KITP )

    일반물리학 강의노트(31-32장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    (Sub-)femtosecond control of molecular reactions with tailored lightwaves - Matthias Kling (MPI )

    126 GeV Higgs in Next-to-Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions - SC Park (skku)

    13(14) TeV Prospects on beyond the Standard Model - DongHee Kim (Kyungpook National University)

    21 cm - Eric Switzer (Univ. of Toronto)

    2HDM with gauged U(1) Higgs symmetry - Yuji Omura (TUM)

    3-Loop Higgs mass and dark-matter implications for supersymmetry at the LHC - Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)

    3-point correlation functions in N=4 SYM - subtleties at strong coupling - Janik, Romuald (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

    A (partially) Dirac gluino versus LHC bounds on supersymmetry - Graham Kribs (U. Oregon)

    A bound on the dark scale - Devin Walker ()

    A Brief Introduction to CompuCell3D - James Glazier (Indiana Univ. & KITP )

    A candidate explanation for a parameter shift from WMAP9 to Planck - Eiichiro Komatsu (MPIA & KITP)

    A captured runaway black hole in NGC 1277 - Gregory Shields (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

    A Conceptual Framework for BX - Tom Maibaum (McMaster University)

    A conic approach to entangled-assisted graph parameters - Piovesan, T ()

    A Critical Look at the Field of Microbial Social Evolution - Owen Gilbert (Independent & KITP )

    A flavorful coloron model - Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State U.)

    A holographic model of the Kondo effect - Erdmenger, JK (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München)

    A large-deviation approach to passive scalar advection, diffusion and reaction - Vanneste, J (University of Edinburgh)

    A Multiscale Variational Large Eddy Computational Framework for Numerical Simulations of Turbidity Currents - Fernando Rochinha (Univ. Rio de Janeiro & KITP )

    A new convex reformulation and approximation hierarchy for polynomial optimisation - Dickinson, PJC ()

    A new recurrences based technique for detecting robust extrema in long temperature records - Faranda, D (CEA/Saclay)

    A New Theory of Micro-Robots: multiple scales & distinguished limits - Vladimirov, V ()

    A phenomenological model of collective cell motion in some ex-vivo experiments. - Vincent Hakim (ENS & KITP )

    A semidefinite programming hierarchy for geometric packing problems - de Laat, D ()

    A simple holographic model of nonlinear conductivity - Horowitz, G (University of California, Santa Barbara)

    A statistical mechanics approach to stochastic parametrizations - Wouters, J (Universität Hamburg)

    A tale of two surfaces - Arnaud Beauville (Nice)

    A tale of two tails - Briggs, K ()

    A test-tube model for rainfall - Michael Wilkinson (Open University & KITP )

    A theoretical trek into darkness - Jason Kumar (Univ. of Hawaii)

    A thermal quench induces spatial inhomogeneities in a holographic superconductor - Zhang, HQ (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    A third-order phase transition in random tilings - Fillipo Colomo ()

    A Top-Down Model for Lifshitz Holography - Hartong, J (University of Copenhagen)

    A two-phase model based on unified formulation for continuum mechanics applied to sediment transport in geophysical flows: Application to sedimentation, consolidation and erosion. Study case- the Gironde Estuary (France) - Dan Nguyen (Univ. Paris & KITP)

    Accelerator R&D for ILC - E.S. Kim (Kyungpook Natl. U)

    Accretion onto black holes from large scales regulated by radiative feedback - Kwangho Park (Carnegie Mellon)

    Actin cortex mechanics in animal cell morphogenesis - Ewa Paluch (Univ. College London & KITP )

    Active Learning and Quantum Simulations in the Classroom - Charles Baily (Univ. Colorado)

    Advances in Dynamical Quantum Error Suppression - Lorenza Viola (Dartmouth & KITP )

    Advection of Active Particles - Nicholas Ouellette (Yale & KITP )

    Aeolian saltation dynamics - from experiment to model - Keld Rasmussen,Keld Rasmussen (U. Aarhus,U. Copenhagen)

    Aeolian sand transport rates and mid-air collisions - Michael Sørensen (Univ. Copenhagen & KITP )

    Aeolian sand transport rates and mid-air collisions - Michael Sørensen (Univ. Copenhagen & KITP )

    AGN feedback in adaptive mesh refinement cosmological simulations - Yohan Dubois (IAP / Oxford Univ.)

    AGT relation in the light asymptotic limit - Hosomichi, Kazuo (Yukawa Institute, Japan)

    Algebraic Bethe ansatz for long range spin chains - Didina Serban ()

    Alternans and Spiral Breakup in a Modified FitzHugh-Nagumo Model of Cardiac Cell Dynamics - Gani, Mohammad Osman (Meiji Univerisity)

    AMO Hubbard Models with Superconducting Vortex Lattices - Peter Zoller (Univ. Innsbruck & KITP )

    An argument that the dark matter is axions - Pierre Sikivie (Univ. Florida)

    An Infalling Observer and the Black Hole Information Paradox in AdS-CFT - Suvrat Raju (Tata Inst. & KITP)

    An overview of observational searches for close supermassive binary black holes - Mike Eracleous (Penn State)

    An Overview of the Oseen-Frank elastic model and some symmetry aspects of the Straley Mean-Field model for Biaxial Nematic liquid crystals - Gartland Jr., EC ()

    An S-matrix for interacting de Sitter QFT - Donald Marolf (UCSB)

    An update on scalar singlet dark matter - Pat Scott (McGill Univ.)

    Analysis of defects in minimizers for a planar Frank energy - Phillips, D ()

    Analysis of Disclination-Line Defects in Liquid Crytals - Bauman, P ()

    Anomalous fluctuation relations - Klages, R (Queen Mary, University of London)

    Anti-damping intrinsic spin-orbit torque arising from Berry phase - Jairo Sinova (Texas A&M)

    Anti-damping intrinsic spin-orbit torque arising from Berry phase - Jairo Sinova (Texas A&M)

    Antiferrosmectic Ground State of Two-component Dipolar Fermi Gases an Analog of Meson Condensation in Nuclear Matter - Kenji Maeda (Colorado School of Mines & KITP )

    Application of reaction-diffusion systems to biological and chemical systems 1 - Masayasu Mimura (Meiji University)

    Application of reaction-diffusion systems to biological and chemical systems 2 - Masayasu Mimura (Meiji University)

    Application of reaction-diffusion systems to biological and chemical systems 3 - Masayasu Mimura (Meiji University)

    Application of reaction-diffusion systems to biological and chemical systems 4 - Masayasu Mimura (Meiji University)

    Application of reaction-diffusion systems to biological and chemical systems 5 - Masayasu Mimura (Meiji University)

    Applications of Optimal Control and Reservoir Engineering - Sophie Schirmer (Swansea Univ.)

    Are the Fermi Lines Real - Daniel Whiteson (UC Ivrine)

    Aspects of Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading - Cartea, A; Macrina, A ()

    Assessing Bidirectional Model Transformation Tools - Manuel Alcino Cunha (Universidade do Minho)

    Astrophysical effects of gravitational radiation in black-hole binaries - Carlos Lousto (Rochester)

    Asymptotic properties of some minor-closed classes of graphs - Weller, K ()

    Asymptotics of symmetric functions with applications in statistical mechanics - Greta Panova ()

    At the Boundary of Short-range and Long-range Potentials: Molecules and Rydberg Atoms with Strong Interactions - Servaas Kokkelmans (Eindhoven Tech. & KITP )

    Athena SWAN and good practice in university mathematics departments - Hobbs, C ()

    ATLAS results (Higgs and new physics) - Aurelio Juste (IFAE Barcelona)

    Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of cyanobiphenyls: A test bench for liquid crystal theories - Muccioli, L ()

    Avalanche Dynamics - James McElwaine (Durham Univ. & KITP)

    Avalanche Dynamics on a Rough Inclined Plane - Thomas Halsey (ExxonMobil)

    Basic statistics for HEP analysis - Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei U.)

    Bayesian approaches for wind gust and quantitative precipitation forecasting - Friederichs, P (Universität Bonn)

    Bedforms and sediment transport in aquatic environments - Nicolas Le Dantec (IUEM & KITP )

    Berry curvature and topological modes for magnons - Shuichi Murakami (Tokyo Inst. & KITP )

    Bethe Ansatz for Yangian Invariants and Yang-Mills Scattering Amplitudes - Staudacher, Matthias (Humboldt University, Germany)

    Bethe vectors and solutions to the reflections q-KZ equation - Nicolai Reshetikhin ()

    Better Systematics and Better Statistics: XENON100 and XENON1T - Rafael Lang (Purdue University)

    Beyond collisionless dark matter - Haibo Yu (Univ. of Michigan)

    Beyond Germ/Soma: The Evolution of Many Cell Types - Erik Hanschen (Univ Arizona)

    Beyond Germ/Soma: The Evolution of Many Cell Types - Erik Hanschen (Univ Arizona)

    Bianchi (hyper-)cubes and a geometric unification of the Hirota and Miwa equations - Schief, W ()

    Bidirectionality, traceability and provenance - James Cheney (University of Edinburgh)

    bined breaking of electroweak and conformal symmetry by a QCD-like hidden sector - Jisuke Kubo (Kanazawa University)

    Bistability, Trigger Waves, and Coupled Oscillators in the Xenopus Embryo - James Ferrell (Stanford )

    Black hole demographics and mass estimates of high-redshift AGN and quasars - Marianne Vestergaard (Niels Bohr Instit.)

    Black hole formation and growth involving nuclear stellar clusters in galactic nuclei - Melvyn Davies (Lund Univ.)

    Black hole seeds from the first stars - John Wise (Georgia Tech)

    Black holes in globular clusters - Steinn Sigurdsson (Penn State)

    Bond Order of Dipolar Fermi Gases on an Optical Lattice - Erhai Zhao (George Mason Univ. & KITP )

    Boundary-roughness effects in nematic liquid crystals - Foldes, R ()

    Brick-by-brick stabilizing the Biaxial Nematic Phase - Belli, S ()

    Broadening the scope of Dark Matter searchers - Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria/Perimeter Institute, Waterloo)

    Broadening the scope of Dark Matter searchers - Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria/Perimeter Institute, Waterloo)

    Budding Multicellularity in Yeast - John Koschwanez (Harvard & KITP )

    Buoyancy-driven currents and sediment transport in the ocean - Benjamin Kneller (Univ. Aberdeen )

    BX from Synchronous Grammars - Yingfei Xiong (Peking University)

    Can Evolution Be Understood Quantitatively? - Daniel Fisher (Stanford University )

    Can Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Have A Quantum Efficiency Approaching Unity? - David Jonas (Univ. Colorado)

    Cancer Games and Paradoxes: Simple Simulations of the Somatic Evolution of Behaviors During Solid Tumor Progression - James Glazier (Indiana Univ. & KITP )

    Cell motility due to active gel flows - Hawkins, R ()

    Cells under Constraints - Matthieu Piel (Inst. Curie )

    Challenges and prospects for 4-manifolds - Park, Jongil (Seoul National Univ. )

    Challenges in Multicellularity Solvable With Studies of Social Amoebae - Joan Strassmann (WUSTL & KITP )

    Challenging BX as a Software Engineer: What is a problem? How much BX do we need? - Ekkart Kindler (Techical University of Denmark)

    Chared Lepton Flavor Violation (+ weak interaction) - Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)

    Charge and Spin Currents in Hybrid Structures - Sebastian Goennenwein (WMI )

    Charged Lepton Flavour Viola4on:실험 - 원은일 (고려대학교)

    Charged Lepton Flavour Violation:중이온가속기 - 원은일 (고려대학교)

    CHIME - Matt Dobbs (McGil)

    Classical conformal blocks and Painleve IV - Sergei Lukyanov ()

    Classification of patterns in the deterministic Abelian Sandpile Model - Andrea Sportiello ()

    Climatic Factors Affecting Mobility and Stability of Sand Dunes - Haim Tsoar (Ben Gurion Univ. & KITP )

    Closing Remarks - Gerrit E. W. Bauer (Sendai/Delft)

    Closing Remarks - Gerrit E. W. Bauer (Sendai/Delft)

    CMB From CFT - Sandip Trivedi (Tata Inst. & KITP )

    CMS results (Higgs and new physics) - Vivek Sharma (UC San Diego)

    Coexistence steady-states to the Lotka-Volterra competition model with diffusion and advection - Kuto, Kousuke (University of Electro-Communications)

    Coherence, Decoherence and Incoherence in Natural Light Harvesting Systems - Paul Brumer (Univ. of Toronto)

    Coherent Control of Photoassociation at Ultracold Temperatures: Opportunities and Fundamental Limits - Christiane Koch (Univ. Kassel & KITP )

    Coherent X-ray Diffraction: An application of x-ray free electron laser - Do Young Noh (GIST)

    Cold and Controlled Chemistry with Coulomb-crystallized Atomic and Molecular Ions - Stefan Willitsch (Univ. Basel)

    Cold and Controlled Molecules for Hot Experiments - Jochen Küpper (CFEL-DESY and UHH)

    Cold Chemistry with NO+OH and NH+NH - Gerrit Groenenboom (Radboud Univ. & KITP )

    Coleman-Weinberg inflation and Higgs mass in light of PLANCK data - Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)

    Collider searches for electroweak states suggested by the Fermi line - Brian Shuve ()

    Combinatorial properties of subspace arrangements - Kim, Sangwook (Chonnam National University)

    Commutativity of Adiabatic Elimination and Instantaneous Feedback for a General Class of Quantum Feedback Networks with Markovian Nodes - Hendra Nurdin (Univ. New South Wales & KITP)

    Competition and Cooperation in Structured Microorganisms - David Nelson (Harvard & KITP )

    Complementarity and Searches for Dark Matter in the pMSSM - Dark Matter (Complementarity & pMSSM SUSY Searches)

    Complementarity between direct detection and neutrino signals - Chiara Arina (UvA & KITP )

    Composite Higgs and Lepton Flavor Mixing - Florian Goertz ()

    Composite Higgs status - Riccardo Torre (SISSA & Padova U. & INFN Padova)

    Composite quark partners in composite Higgs models at LHC - Thomas Flacke (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

    Compositional development framework for bidirectional model transformations based on structural recursion on graphs - Soichiro Hidaka (National Institute of Informatics)

    Computability of Combinators - Yingfei Xiong (Peking University)

    Computational spin caloritronics - Ke Xia (Beijing Normal Univ & KITP )

    Computing lower bounds for a polynomial using geometric programming - Marshall, MA ()

    Computing signed a-polynomials of complete multipartite graphs - Shin, Heesung (Inha University)

    Concrete conditions for realizability of moment functions via quadratic modules - Infusino, M ()

    Conference rationale and scope - Marta Volonteri (IAP)

    Conformal field theories in a periodic chemical potential - Sachdev, S (Harvard University)

    Connecting classical and quantum integrability - Adamopoulou, P ()

    Connecting computational and experimental snow avalanche dynamics - Jan-Thomas Fischer (Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) & KITP )

    Connecting the growth of galaxies and black hole seeds - Elena Rossi (Leiden Univ.)

    Connective constant for a weighted self-avoiding walk on a rhombi tiling - Alexander Glazman ()

    Connectivity patterns in loop percolation and constant term identities - Dan Romik ()

    Continuous turbidity currents in glacial lakes of western Canada - Raymond Kostaschuk (Simon Fraser Univ. & KITP )

    Continuum modeling of aeolian sand transport - Jim Jenkins (Cornell University)

    Control of Many-body Quantum Dynamics - Simone Montangero (Univ. Ulm)

    Control of Quantum Sensors Paola Cappellaro (MIT) - Paola Cappellaro (MIT)

    Control Theory and Engineering: From Classical to Quantum - Jun Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. & KITP )

    Controlled Entanglement Manipulation in Cold Molecular Gases with Strong Laser Pulses - Felipe Herrera (Purdue Univ. & KITP )

    Controlling Quantum Physics in Superconducting CIrcuits - Göran Johansson (Chalmers Univ. & KITP )

    Convex Algebraic Geometry I - Sturmfels, B ()

    Convex Algebraic Geometry II - Sturmfels, B ()

    Convex Algebraic Geometry III - Sturmfels, B ()

    Cooling Degenerate Fermi Gases via Frictionless Control of a Bose Species - Roberto Onofrio (Univ. Padova & KITP )

    Cooling Multilevel Systems With Coherent Pulse Trains - Andrei Derevianko (UNR & KITP )

    Cooperation and Conflict During Evolutionary Transitions - Rick Michod (Univ. Arizona)

    Cooperation and Construction: From Multicellularity to Eusociality - Corina Tarnita (Princeton Univ.)

    Cooperation, Cheating, and Collapse in Microbial Populations - Jeff Gore (MIT & KITP )

    Correctness and Completeness for Incremental Model Synchronisation Based on TGGs - Frank Hermann (University of Luxembourg)

    Cosmological evolution of supermassive black holes: clues about AGN feedback from multi-wavelength surveys - Andrea Merloni (MPE)

    Cosmology in the SUSY DFSZ axion model - Kyu Jung Bae (University of Oklahoma)

    Cosmology with Planck - Paolo Natoli (Università di Ferrara and ASI/ASDC)

    Counterparty credit risk, collateral and funding: next generation valuation models under interconnected risks - Brigo, D ()

    Coupled Oscillators in Biology - Mogens Jensen (NBI & KITP )

    CP violation in Higgs decays - Jure Zupan (U. Cincinnati)

    Creation of Sr2 Molecules and of a Rb/Sr Double BEC - Florian Schreck (Univ. Innsbruck)

    Critical Temperature of Periodic Ising Models - Zhongyang Li ()

    Curvature potentials for defects on nematic shells - Virga, E ()

    Cutting Planes for First-Level RLT Relaxations of Mixed 0-1 Programs - Kaparis, K ()

    Darboux transformations, discrete integrable systems and related Yang-Baxter maps - Konstantinou-Rizos, S ()

    Dark matter and Higgs bosons in the MSSM - Zhen Liu ()

    Dark matter complementarity using the pMSSM - Ahmed Ismail ()

    Dark matter detectors using DNA - Katie Freese (Univ. of Michigan)

    Dark matter in the Milky Way and satellites: Implications for CDM and direct detection - Louie Strigari (Stanford)

    Dark matter searches with IceCube - Carlos de los Heros (Uppsala Univ. & KITP )

    Data-driven model reduction and climate prediction: nonlinear stochastic, energy-conserving models with memory effects - Kondrashov, D (University of California, Los Angeles)

    de Sitter and inflationary spacetimes: New Solutions and Old Problems (short talk plus discussion) - Eva Silverstein (Stanford & KITP )

    Deceleration and Trapping of SrF: Towards Precision Measurement in Combined Fields - Steven Hoekstra (Univ. Groningen & KITP )

    Decoupling and the MSSM Higgs mass - Howard Haber (UC Santa Cruz)

    Defect Lee-Yang model from different perspectives - Bajnok, Zoltan (Wigner Research centre, Hungary)

    Defects in nematic polymer hydrodynamics: survey of our work over the past 10 years - Forest, G ()

    Dense granular flows: from particle dynamics to hydrodynamics - V. Kumaran (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

    Density Functional Theory for Hard-Body Models of Liquid Crystals - Evans, B ()

    Density perturbations from preheating caustics and the Shock-in-time - Jonathan Braden (Univ. of Toronto & KITP )

    Design of a Superconducting Quantum Computer - John Martinis (UCSB)

    Developing boundaries in sedimentology; inspiration from GeoFlows 2013 - Joris Eggenhuisen (Utrecht University)

    Did Networks and Community Dynamics Drive the Rapid Evolution of Early Life? - Nigel Goldenfeld (UIUC)

    Different flavours of the mean-field theory - Virga, E ()

    Dilaton Phenomenology - Jay Hubisz (Syracuse Univ.)

    Dipolar fermions in 2D geometries - Georg Bruun (Aarhus Univ. & KITP )

    Direct detection: statistical issues and conservatism - Chris Savage (Univ. of Utah)

    Discrete Boussinesq equations - Hietarinta, J ()

    Discrete integrable equations with Dihedral reduction group - Wang, JP ()

    Discrete integrable systems with self-adaptive moving mesh - Maruno, K ()

    Discrete Painlevé equations and orthogonal polynomials - van Assche, W ()

    Discrete Schlesinger Transformations and Difference Painlevé Equations - Dzhamay, A ()

    Discussion: quantum reservoir engineering - Peter Zoller (Univ. Innsbruck & KITP )

    Discussion: Quantum Simulation, Dream or Nightmare? - Ivan Deutsch (Univ. NM & KITP )

    Discussion: Quantum/Classical Interface - Gerard Milburn (Univ. Queensland & KITP )

    Division of Labor in a Bacterial Swarm - Liyan Ping (Harvard Univ. & KITP )

    Do We Live In A Quantum World? A New Twist - Dwayne Miller (MPSD/Hamburg and Univ. Toronto)

    Does Toxicity Promote Coexistence? - Scotti, Tommaso (Meiji University)

    Dust, gas and star formation in z>6 quasar host galaxies - Chris Carilli (NRAO & KITP )

    Dust-laden flows in protostellar disks - Pascale Garaud (UCSC)

    Dynamical dark matter - Keith Dienes ()

    Dynamical nuclear polarization oscillations in quantum dots: Key aspects of electron-nuclear spin dynamics revealed - Mark Rudner (Copenhagen)

    Dynamical nuclear polarization oscillations in quantum dots: Key aspects of electron-nuclear spin dynamics revealed - Mark Rudner (Copenhagen)

    Dynamics of a class of systems with an order-preserving property - Matano, Hiroshi (Univ. of Tokyo)

    Dynamics of Hematopoiesis and Its Disorders - David Dingli (Mayo Clinic & KITP )

    Dynamics of intracellular gradients and cell size control in fission yeast - Martin Howard (John Innes Centre & KITP )

    Dynamics, polygonal billiards and periodic surfaces - Ulcigrai, C ()

    Eco-evolutionary Feedback and Runaway Cooperation Evolution - David Van Dyken (Harvard Univ.)

    Effects of Space-time Variation of Fundamental Constants and Violation of Parity and Time-reversal in Molecules - Victor Flambaum (New South Wales)

    Efficient Algorithm for Designing Universal Quantum Circuits to Simulate Efficiently Open-system Quantum Dynamics - Barry Sanders (Univ. Calgary)

    Efimov Physics with Cold Atoms and with Dipolar Molecules - Jose D'Incao (Univ. of Colorado & KITP )

    Eigenvalue Constraints and Regularity of Q-tensor Navier-Stokes Dynamics - Wilkinson, M ()

    Elastic, Inelastic, and Reactive Collisions Between Open-shell Polar Molecules - Gerrit Groenenboom (Radboud Univ. Nijmegen)

    Electric control and detection of spin waves - Axel Hoffmann (Argonne)

    Electric control and detection of spin waves - Axel Hoffmann (Argonne)

    Electric resistivity and spin injection in the presence of thermal spin disorder - Kirill Belashchenko (Univ. of Nebraska & KITP)

    Electrons were no longer electrons near quantum criticality - Ki-Seok Kim (POSTECH)

    Emergent Collective Behavior in Volvox - Ray Goldstein (Cambridge Univ.)

    Emergent Constraints on Earth System Sensitivities - Cox, PM (University of Exeter)

    Emergent Lorentz invariance from strong dynamics - Pujolas, O (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

    Encoded genomic logic for development - Eric Davidson (Caltech )

    Encoding of temporal signals by the TGFb pathway and implications for embryonic patterning - Eric Siggia (Rockefeller & KITP )

    Engineering Quantum States in Ultracold Gases Using Conservative and Nonconservative Forces - Mikhail Lemeshko (Harvard-Smithsonian & KITP )

    Engineering Terminal Differentiation and Division of Labor - Mary Wahl (Harvard Univ.)

    Entangled entropy in integrable model - Ravanini, Francesco (Bologna, Italy)

    Entanglement and topological order in 1D and 2D systems - Wonmin Son (Sogang University)

    Environmental superstatistics - Beck, C (Queen Mary, University of London)

    Equilibrium morphology of alluvial rivers - Eric Lajeunesse (Inst. Paris & KITP )

    Equivalance relations on computable structures - Ekaterina Fokina (Kurt Goedel Institute Vienna)

    Erosion of a granular bed by fluid flow - Arshad Kudrolli (Clark Univ. & KITP )

    Escaping to infinity - Stallard, G ()

    Evidence for helical nuclear spin order in GaAs quantum wires - Dominik Zumbuhl (Basel)

    Evidence for helical nuclear spin order in GaAs quantum wires - Dominik Zumbuhl (Basel)

    Evidence for Self-interacting Dark Matter - Will Dawson (UC Davis)

    Evolution of CRISPR: A Prokaryotic Adaptive Immune System - Alexander Lobkovsky (Nat'l Inst. of Health)

    Evolution of massive black hole pairs in clumpy environments: from circumnuclear disks to major mergers - Davide Fiacconi (Univ. of Zurich)

    Evolution of Stalk/Spore Ratio in a Social Amoeba: Cell-to-Cell Interaction via a Signaling Chemical Shaped by Cheating Risk - Yoh Iwasa (Kyushu Univ.)

    Evolutionary Ecology of Multicellularity: The Volvocine Green Algae as a Case Study - Cristian Solari (Buenos Aires & KITP )

    Exact results for degree growth of lattice equations and their signature over finite fields - Roberts, J ()

    Exact Supersymmetry on the Lattice - Kawamoto, Noboru (Hokkaido University, Japan)

    Excitation Spectrum and Superstripes: The Case of Spin-orbit Coupled BECs - Sandro Stringari (Univ. Trento & KITP )

    Excitation Spectrum and Superstripes: The Case of Spin-orbit Coupled BECs - Sandro Stringari (Univ. Trento & KITP )

    Exotic Higgs decays - Rouven Essig ()

    Experimental physics of soft and bio matter - Byung Mook Weon (Sungkyunkwan University)

    Experiments of particle collisions and rheology - Melany Hunt (Caltech)

    Explicit kernel-split panel-based Nyström schemes for planar or axisymmetric Helmholtz problems - Johan Helsing (Lund University Sweden)

    Exploring Dissipative Excitonic Dynamics: A Consistent Treatment from Weak to Strong Environmental Coupling - Ahsan Nazir (Imperial College & KITP )

    Exploring the ABJM Plasma - Herzog, C (Stony Brook University)

    Extended Conformal Symmetry and Recursion Formulae for Nekrasov Partition Function - Matsuo, Yutaka (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Extracting IR and UV divergences in multiloop diagram by series expansion in epsilon - Yeo Woong Yoon (KIAS)

    Extreme Events and Coupled Climate-Economics Modeling - Ghil, M (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris & UCLA)

    Extreme events and the multifractal butterfly effect - Lovejoy, S (McGill University)

    Extremes as indicators of critical transitions - V Lucarini (Universität Hamburg)

    Fano 3-space and symmetrisation of quad-equations - Atkinson, J ()

    Femtosecond Magnetism: the role of the exchange interaction - Alexey Kimel (IMM )

    Few-body Universal Physics with Polar Molecules - Chris Greene (Purdue Univ. )

    Filtering Classical Noise by Quantum Control - Michael Biercuk (Univ. Sydney)

    First Science Results from the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Dark Matter Experiment - Harry Nelson (UCSB)

    First scientific results from AMS-02 - Veronica Bindi (Univ. Hawaii)

    Flavor and CP violations as probes of BSM physics - Takeo Moroi (Tokyo)

    Flow dynamics and erosion processes in natural geophysical flows - Anne Mangeney (IPGP, Paris)

    Fluctuating force models for turbulent gas-particle suspensions - V. Kumaran (Indian Inst. of Science & KITP )

    Fluid dynamic approaches to modelling bacterial biofilms growth - Ward, J ()

    Fluids with attitude - Sluckin, T ()

    Formal diagonalisation of the Lax-Darboux scheme and conservation laws of integrable partial differential, differential-difference and partial difference - Mikhailov, A ()

    Formation of binary black holes in galactic nuclei - Monica Colpi (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca)

    Free energy according to Poincare' and Landau - Gaeta, G ()

    From Broida to Bedside: From Fundamental to Clinical Research on Bone Fracture - Paul Hansma (UCSB, Physics )

    From dry granular flows to collisional sediment transport - Diego Berzi (Politecnico di Milano & KITP )

    From full stopping to transparency in a holographic model of heavy ion collisions - van der Schee, W (Universiteit Utrecht)

    From molecular symmetry to order parameters - Zhang, P ()

    From the QCD flux tubes to the hierarchy problem - Sergei Dubovsky (NYU & KITP )

    From the QCD flux tubes to the hierarchy problem - Sergei Dubovsky (NYU & KITP )

    From tilings to general-beta matrix ensembles: appearance of the Gaussian Free Field - Vadim Gorin ()

    Function spaces and liquid crystals - Ball, J ()

    Fundamental Physics from Cosmology - Matthew Kleban (NYU)

    Future Experiments at the Cosmic Frontier - Steve Ritz (UC Santa Cruz)

    Future Experiments at the Energy Frontier - Yuri Gershtein (Rutgers)

    GAIA looking for Dark Matter - Douglas Spolyar (IAP)

    Galaxy Surveys - Daniel Eisenstein (Harvard Univ.)

    Galaxy-Black Hole Co-Evolution - Kevin Schawinski (ETH Zurich & KITP)

    Gamma-ray boxes: signatures and constraints - Miguel Pato (TUM)

    Gamma-ray searches for Dark Matter signals: review - Christoph Weniger (Univ. of Amsterdam)

    Gap Inequalities for the Max-Cut Problem - Galli, L ()

    Gas accretion onto a supermassive black hole: a step to model AGN feedback - Ken Nagamine (Univ. of Nevada / Osaka)

    Gaugino physics in the (V)LHC - Sunghoon Jung (KIAS)

    General relativistic radiation magneto-hydrodynamic simulations of black hole accretion - Chris Fragile (College of Charleston)

    Generalized additive modelling of hydrological sample extremes - Chavez-Demoulin, V (ETH Zürich)

    Generating multi-gluon scattering processes with the color-flow decomposition and optimised phase space integration - Yoshitaro Takaesu (KIAS/KNRC)

    Generation of keV harmonics and ultrashort waveforms driven by midinfrared lasers - Carlos Hernandez-Garcia (Univ. of Colorado & KITP )

    Genome-scale Scanning of Microbial Genomic Components - Cheol-Hwan Park (Seoul National University)

    Geometric approach to modelling complex fluids 1 - Holm, D ()

    Geometric approach to modelling complex fluids 1 - Holm, D ()

    Geometric approach to modelling complex fluids 2 - Holm, D ()

    Geometric approach to modelling complex fluids 2 - Holm, D ()

    Geometric theories of conservative liquid crystal dynamics - Ratiu, T ()

    Geometrical measures for (mildly) non-Gaussian cosmological fields - Dmitri Pogosyan (Univ. Alberta & KITP)

    Gilbert damping, heat flow, and spin-pumping - Arne Brataas (Norwegian Univ. & KITP )

    GIM mechanism & Top Quark Physics - Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)

    GL(N) Nested Bethe Vectors - Pakulyak, Stanislav (JINR(Dubna), Russia)

    Global Higgs fits and lessons for physics beyond the SM - Martti Raidal (NICPB, Tallinn, Estonia)

    Global polynomial optimization with Moment Matrices and Border Basis - Abril-Bucero, M ()

    Globally regular instability of 3-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime - Bizon, P (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski)

    GLSM partition functions and spacetime topology - Yi, Piljin (KIAS, Korea)

    Grain segregation and levee formation in geophysical mass flows - Nico Gray (Manchester & KITP )

    Grain segregation and levee formation in geophysical mass flows - Chris Johnson (Univ. Bristol & KITP )

    Grain-scale measurements of particle-fluid interaction in marine and aeolian sediment transport - Ken Kiger (Univ. of Maryland & KITP )

    Gravitational waves from massive black hole binaries - Scott Hughes (MIT)

    Gravity and Quantum Mechanics - The Quest for Unification - Joe Polchinski (KITP )

    GRoundTram: An Integrated Framework for Developing Well-Behaved Bidirectional Model Transformations - Soichiro Hidaka (National Institute of Informatics)

    Group Formation and the Evolution of Microbial "Societies" - Silvia De Monte (ENS & KITP )

    Growth and shape of drainage networks - Oliver Devauchelle (Univ. Paris & KITP)

    Growth, Competition, and Cooperation in Spatial Population Genetics - Simone Pigolotti (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya & KITP )

    Hard core effects in mean field theories - Sonnet, A-M ()

    Heat transport by magnons, phonon-drag, and their role in the spin Seebeck effect - Joseph Heremans (Ohio State)

    Heat transport by magnons, phonon-drag, and their role in the spin Seebeck effect - Joseph Heremans (Ohio State)

    Heavy-quarkonium theory in the LHC era - Berndt Kniehl (U. Hamburg)

    HenshinTGG: TGG-Extension of HenshinEMF - Frank Hermann (University of Luxembourg)

    Here be dragons: the unexplored continents of the CMSSM - Tim Cohen (SLAC)

    Higgcision - Chonnam National University ()

    Higgs and Standard Model Measurements at the ATLAS - Un-Ki Yang (Seoul National University)

    Higgs Boson Self-Coupling Measurements Using Ratios of Cross Sections - Florian Goertz (ETH Zurich & KITP )

    Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter and its Indirect Signatures - Yong Tang (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

    Higgs Precision (Higgcision) Era begins - Po-Yan Tseng (NTHU)

    Higgs results from the CMS experiment - Suyong Choi (Korea University)

    Higgs-dilaton(radion) system confronting the LHC Higgs data - Dong-Won JUNG (KIAS)

    Higher orders with Monte-Carlo methods - Stefan Weinzierl (U. Mainz)

    Highly tunable plasmonic nanoprobes and their couplings - Jwa-Min Nam (Seoul National University)

    Holographic methods for cosmology - Gonzalo Torroba (Stanford)

    Horizon instability of an extreme Reissner-Nordstrom black hole - Tanahashi, N (University of Tokyo)

    Host galaxies of a hard X-ray low redshift sample - Richard Mushotzky (Univ. Maryland & KITP )

    Hot Chemistry with Frozen Molecules - Bala Naduvalath (Univ. Nevada Las Vegas & KITP )

    How conventional measures overestimate EW finetuning in SUSY theory with implications for LHC and ILC - Howard Baer (University of Oklahoma)

    How discrete element method code can model dynamical phenomena such as saltation transport, multiple collision process and granular avalanches - Luc Oger (Univ. Rennes & KITP )

    How does sand move on Mars? Possible solutions to some long-standing mysteries - Jasper Kok (UCLA)

    Hubble constant - Joanna Dunkley (Oxford Univ. & KITP )

    Hydrodynamic Cooperation and a Precursor to Metazoan Multicellularity - Marcus Roper (UCB )

    Hydrodynamic simulations of black hole fueling and feedback - Gregory Novak (Paris Observatory)

    Hydrodynamic turbulence as a problem in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics - Ruelle, DP (IHES)

    Hyperbolic polynomials, interlacers and sums of squares - Plaumann, D ()

    I-CAMP Welcome - Warner, M; Wilkinson, T ()

    Identifying colorons at the LHC - Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State U.)

    Identifying Sources of Variation in Biochemical Networks - Peter Swain (Univ. Edinburgh & KITP )

    ILC Accelerator - Kaoru Yokoya (KEK)

    ILC activities in Korea - Dongchul Son (Kyungpook National University )

    ILC Detectors - Hwanbae Park (KNU)

    Implications of Planck results for particle physics &cosmology - Laura Covi (Georg-August-University Göttingen)

    Inauguration to the Pat and Joe Yzurdiaga Chair in Experimental Science - Joe Incandela (UCSB )

    Incremental Updates and Non-Free Datatypes - Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford)

    Incrementality in Model Transformation with Triple Graph Grammars - Fernando Orejas (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC))

    Individuality in the 'Minor' Multicellular Taxa - Matthew Herron (Univ. Montana)

    Induced electroweak symmetry breaking and supersymmetry - Markus Luty (UC Davis)

    Inelastic Collisions Between a Single Ion and Ultracold Neutral Atoms - Michael Köhl (Univ. Cambridge)

    Inflation in string theory and supergravity - Andrei Linde (Stanford)

    Influence of boundary conditions on the qualitative property of a reaction diffusion equation - Bendong Lou (Tongji University)

    Influence of Coriolis forces on deposition and erosion patterns of turbidity currents: insights from lab experiments - Mathew Wells (Univ. of Toronto)

    Information Loss - Bob Wald (Univ. of Chicago)

    Initial value problems for Discrete Integrable Systems - van der Kamp, P ()

    Insensitive Unification of Gauge Couplings, Muon g-2 and Higgs Decays - Radovan Dermisek (Indiana Univ. & KITP )

    Insensitive Unification of gauge couplings, muon g-2, and Higgs decays - Radovan Dermisek ()

    Inspecting the Higgs for new weakly interacting particles - Kathryn Zurek (U. Michigan)

    Instability of Walker propagating domain wall solution of 1D LLG equation - Xiang-Rong Wang (Hong Kong)

    Instability of Walker propagating domain wall solution of 1D LLG equation - Xiang-Rong Wang (Hong Kong)

    Instanton Calculations on Water Clusters - Stuart Althorpe (Cambridge)

    Integer quadratic minimization over polyhedra in dimension two - Weismantel, R ()

    Integrability conditions for difference equations - Xenitidis, P ()

    Integrability in the Ising model - Rick Kenyon ()

    Integrability of discrete systems over finite fields - Kanki, M ()

    Integrability of Laplacian growth in a channel and Hurwitz numbers - numbers Anton Zabrodin ()

    Integrable Combinatorics - Philippe Di Francesco ()

    Integrable maps which preserve functions with symmetries - Fordy, A ()

    Integrable refactorization systems and Yang-Baxter maps - Kouloukas, T ()

    Integrating out astrophysical uncertainties in direct detection experiments - Patrick Fox (Fermilab)

    Intense bedload transport: from laminar bed load to turbulent sheet flow - Julien Chauchat (Grenoble Tech. & KITP )

    Interfacial spin-orbit coupling and chirality - Hyun-Woo Lee (Pohang Tech. & KITP )

    Interior and free boundary regularity for Dirac-harmonic maps, harmonic maps and related PDE - Benjamin Sharp (Imperial College London)

    Interlayer superconductivity in graphene materials - Malek Zareyan (IASBS)

    Intermediate mass black holes as analogs to 'hot Jupiters': Have we been looking in the wrong places for intermediate mass black holes - Barry McKernan (CUNY/AMNH)

    Interplay between Mathematics and Physics - Wang, S (Indiana University)

    Intro to the Price Equation - Deborah Shelton (Univ. Arizonza & KITP )

    INTRODUCTION TO COLLIDER PHYSICS - Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk University)

    Introduction to Discrete Partial Differential Equations - Chung, Soon-Yeong (Sogang University)

    Introduction to fly larval development - Suzanne Eaton (MPI-CBG & KITP )

    Introduction to liquid crystal continuum theory: statics and dynamics - Stewart, I ()

    Introduction to liquid crystal continuum theory: statics and dynamics - Stewart, I ()

    Introduction to the Meeting; Questions from the Energy Frontier - Michael Peskin (SLAC)

    Inverse spin Hall effect as a means to study non-linear spin fluctuation - Yoshichika Otani (Tokyo)

    Inverse spin Hall effect as a means to study non-linear spin fluctuation - Yoshichika Otani (Tokyo)

    Investigating the growth of black holes with the quasar black hole mass (UC Santa Barbara) function - Brendon Kelly (UC Santa Barbara)

    Investigating Three-body Recombination in an Ion Trap - Johannes Denschlag (Univ. Ulm)

    Inviscid Limits for the Stochastic Navier Stokes Equations and Related Systems - Glatt-Holtz, N (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

    Irreversible sound-matter interaction in granular media - Xioping Jia (ESPCI - CNRS)

    Is black hole growth in galaxies self-regulated - Daniel Angles-Alcazar (Univ. of Arizona)

    Is there evidence for additional neutrino species in cosmology? - Hiranya Peiris (Univ. College, London & KITP )

    Isospin-violating dark matter from a double portal - Park, Jong-Chul (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

    Isotropic-polar phase transition in an amphiphilic fluid - Schoen, M ()

    Issues in radiation dominated accretion - Omer Blaes (UC Santa Barbara)

    Jet cross sections at NNLO accuracy - Thomas Gehrmann (Univ. Zurich)

    Kinetic and Material Property Effects on fingering Instability in Counterflow Smoldering Combustion - Ijioma Ekeoma (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of matheamtical)

    Kinetic energy dissipation and the stability of stationary turbulent flows - Dewar, RC (Australian National University)

    Kinetic theory applied to saturated debris flows - Michele Larcher (Univ. Trento & KITP )

    KITP Conference: Cooperation and Major Evolutionary Transitions (Feb 4-8, 2013) - Deborah Shelton (Univ. Arizonza)

    KITP Program: Spintronics: Progress in Theory, Materials, and Devices (Sep 30 - Dec 20, 2013) - Catalina Marinescu (Clemson & KITP )

    KITP Program: Spintronics: Progress in Theory, Materials, and Devices (Sep 30 - Dec 20, 2013) - Ulrich Zuelicke (Victoria Univ. & KITP )

    Korea-Japan HEP computing network - B.S. Cho (KISTI)

    KP Tau functions, Convolution Flows, and applications - John Harnad ()

    Lagragian Statistics of Particles in Geophysical Turbulence - Herman Clercx (Eindhoven Tech. & KITP )

    Lagrangian multiform theory and variational principle for integrable systems - Nijhoff, F ()

    Large Theta_13 and a novel origin of CP violation in SU(5)xT' - K.T. Mahanthappa ()

    Laser Cooling and Slowing of Diatomic Molecules - David DeMille (Yale Univ.)

    Lattice gauge theory and composite Higgs - Julius Kuti ()

    Lebwohl-Lasher models of liquid crystals: from quadrupolar to spontaneously induced chiral order - Longa, L ()

    Lecture 1: Concentration of measure (tutorial) - Szarek, SJ (Case Western Reserve University)

    Lecture 1: Introduction to Quantum Complexity (tutorial) - Nagaj, D (Universität Wien)

    Lecture 2: Concentration of measure (tutorial) - Szarek, SJ (Case Western Reserve University)

    Lecture 2: Introduction to Quantum Complexity (tutorial) - Nagaj, D (Universität Wien)

    Lecture 2: One-shot Quantum Information Theory II: Information Transmission - Datta, N (University of Cambridge)

    Lectures on extra dimensions - Seongchan Park (SKKU)

    Left-orderability of 3-manifold groups - Cameron Gordon (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

    Lepton-number violating RPV SUSY - Prashant Saraswat ()

    Lessons and challenges from PLANCK - Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCT)

    LHC to ILC physics - S.Y. Choi (Chonbuk Natl. U)

    Life and mathematics: a personal journey - Joshi, N ()

    Light charginos and Higgs couplings - Brian Batell ()

    Likelihood Maximization on Phylogenic Trees - Hauser, R ()

    Linear Matrix Inequalities meet Positivstellensätze - Klep, I ()

    Linearisable mappings and their explicit integration - Tamizhmani, M ()

    Liquid crystal defects, a critical overview - Kleman, M ()

    Liquid Crystal Director Models with Coupled Electric Fields - Gartland Jr., EC ()

    Liquid Crystals History - Sluckin, T ()

    Liquid crystals, liquid crystal droplets and colloids: basic properties - Lavrentovich, OD ()

    Little Flavor: Composite Higgs theory may explain flavor structure at LHC/ILC - Sichun Sun ()

    Live imaging and applications - Paul S. Maddox ( Univ. Montreal )

    Localized structures in fluid flows - Knobloch, E ()

    Localized structures in fluid flows - Knobloch, E ()

    Log minimal model program of $\overline M_g$ via GIT and stacks 1 - Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston College)

    Log minimal model program of $\overline M_g$ via GIT and stacks 2 - Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston College)

    Log minimal model program of $\overline M_g$ via GIT and stacks 3 - Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston College)

    Long-range Photoassociation of Ultracold Atoms and Cold Dimers - Olivier Dulieu (CNRS & KITP)

    Longevity Problem of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter - Hiroyuki ISHIDA (Tohoku U.)

    Loop-induced Higgs couplings as a portal to new physics - Stefania Gori (Fermilab)

    Loopy ideas about dark matter - Ulrich Haisch (Oxford)

    Loss Models of Catastrophes: A Short Introduction and Simple Examples - Mitas, C ()

    Low-energy probes of PeV-scale sfermion - Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Fermilab)

    Lowering the Threshold at DAMA - Chris Kelso (Univ. Utah)

    Lyman alpha forest - Anze Slosar (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

    M5-brane superconformal indices - Kim, Seok (Seoul National University, Korea)

    Magic Trapping for Polar Molecules in Combined Fields - Svetlana Kotochigova (Temple Univ. & KITP )

    Magnetic semiconductor spintronics - Tomas Jungwirth (ASCR & KITP )

    Magnetized accretion disk turbulence - Ross Parkin (ANU)

    Majorana Kramers Pairs and (Z2)2 Fractional Josephson Effects - Fan Zhang (Univ. of Penn & KITP)

    Making Optimal Control Work for Superconducting Qubits - Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (Saarland Univ.)

    Making Semantic Bidirectionalization More Applicable - Meng Wang (Chalmers University)

    Making sense of the "north-south" asymmetry - Eiichiro Komatsu (MPIA & KITP )

    Making the Molecular Movie: The Chemists' Gedanken Experiment Enters the Lab Frame - Dwayne Miller (MPSD/Hamburg and Univ. Toronto)

    Many-Body Physics with Up and Coming Molecules in Optical Lattices - Michael Wall (CO School of Mines)

    Massive black hole seeds from galaxy mergers: properties of the black holes and the large-scale environment - Silvia Bonoli (Univ. of Zurich)

    Massive black hole spin evolution - Massimo Dotti (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca)

    Massive black holes: Open questions - Roger Blandford (KIPAC)

    Massively Parallel Gyrokinetic Simulation in Magnetic Fusion Plasmas - Yong Xiao (Zhejiang University, China)

    Matching weak boson scattering processes at NLO in QCD with parton shower programs - Barbara Jäger (Johannes Gutenberg University)

    Mathematical analysis of the stationary motion of an incompressible viscous fluid - Kim, Hyunseok (Sogang University)

    Mathematical modeling of a random dispersal in heterogeneous environments - Kim, Yong-Jung (KAIST)

    Matrix model and String - Kawai, Hikaru (Kyoto University, Japan)

    Measurement of color coherence effects in pp collisions at 7TeV - Inkyu PARK (University of Seoul)

    Measuring and visualizing biological time - Pat H. O'Farrell (UCSF )

    Measuring the Electron EDM Using Cold YbF. Status and Plans - Ed Hinds (Imperial College)

    Mechanical response and microstructures in liquid crystal elastomers: small vs large strain theories - De Simone, A ()

    Meta Stability Constraints on the Minimal Linear Seesaw Model - Subrata Khan (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India)

    Microphase separation driven transitions in macromolecular liquid crystals by computer simulations - Ilnytskyi, J ()

    Microscopic theory of spin dynamics in transition metal nanostructurs and the role of spin-orbit coupling - Antonio Costa (UFF & KITP )

    Migration of super-massive BH binaries in self-gravitating disks: prograde versus retrograde configurations and their observational implications - Constanze Roedig (Johns Hopkins)

    Mimicking a single cell structure: From lipid membranes to extracellular and intracellular proteins - Kwanwoo Shin (Sogang University)

    Minimal Liouville Gravity correlation numbers from Douglas string equation - Belavin, Alexander (Landau Institue, Russia)

    Minimal models for Kähler threefolds. - Domingo Toledo (Utah U.)

    Minitutorial: BX in DB - James Terwilliger (Microsoft Corporation)

    Minitutorial: BX in GT - Frank Hermann (University of Luxembourg)

    Minitutorial: BX in PL - Janis Voigtlaender (University of Bonn)

    Minitutorial: BX in SE - Richard Paige (University of York)

    mma-ray spectral features in light of direct detection and colliders - Alejandro Ibarra (TUM)

    Model/Implementation Synchronisation in Domain-Specific Programming Languages - Meng Wang (Chalmers University)

    Modeling early black hole formation and growth in cosmological simulations - Michael Tremmel (Univ. of Washington)

    Modeling Language Transformations with USE - Martin Gogolla (University of Bremen)

    Modeling of particle flows in aquatic environments - Eckart Meiburg (UCSB)

    Modeling supermassive black hole binaries in gas-rich environments - Jorge Cuadra (Pontificia Universidad Católica)

    Modelling a planar bistable device on different scales - Majumdar, A ()

    Modelling planar bistable devices: from Q-tensor to director models - Mottram, N ()

    Modelling Smectic Liquid Crystal Elastomers - Adams, J ()

    Models leading to tree-level lepton number violation - Andre de Gouvea ()

    Models of Dark Matter and Their Detection - Kathryn M. Zurek (University of Michigan)

    Modified Higgs couplings in low-energy supersymmetry scenarios - Carlos Wagner (Argonne/ U. Chicago)

    Moduli spaces of automorphism marked varieties: curves, surfaces and the absolute Galois group - Fabrizio Catanese (Bayreuth, KIAS)

    Molecular Evolution and Sociality in Insects - Michael Goodisman (Georgia Tech)

    Molecular magnetism goes spintronic - Maciej Misiorny (FZ Jülich & KITP )

    Molecular modeling of liquid crystal elastomers - Skacej, G ()

    Molecular Properties and Potentials - Eberhard Tiemann (Leibniz Univ. & KITP )

    Monodromy, modulated power spectra and the CMB - Richard Easther, Hiranya Peiris (Univ. Auckland & KITP, Univ. College, London & KITP )

    Monopoles, vector dark matter and dark radiation - Wan-il Park (KIAS)

    Morning Coffee: AGN Feedback in Clusters of Galaxies: Open Problems and Challenges - Arif Babul (Univ. Victoria & KITP )

    Morphogen gradient formation and interpretation. - James Briscoe (MRC National Institute for Medical Research & KITP )

    Morphogenetic analysis in a simple chordate - William Smith (UCSB )

    Most Matter is Dark Matter, but that's not all that matters - Michael Kuhlen (UCB & KITP )

    MOT and Evaporative Cooling for Polar Molecules - Matt Hummon (Univ. Colorado, JILA)

    Mott physics, sign structure, and high-TC superconductivity - Weng, ZY (Tsinghua University)

    MSSM - 이재식 ()

    MSSM two-loop corrections to muon (g-2) - Hyejung St¨ockinger-Kim ()

    Multi-hierarchy simulation bridging gaps between macro- and microphysics of magnetic reconnection - Ritoku Horiuchi (National Institute of Fusion Science, Japan)

    Multicellularity: Is There A Big Idea? - Andrew Murray (Harvard )

    Multiscale Approach to the Direct Statistical Simulation of Flows - Brad Marston (Brown)

    Multiscale reductions and integrability on the lattice - Levi, D ()

    Nanowire spin Hall oscillator - Ilya Krivorotov (UC Irvine)

    Nanowire spin Hall oscillator - Ilya Krivorotov (UC Irvine)

    NASEP and Temperley-Lieb algebras - Rittenberg, Vladimir (Bonn University, Germany)

    Naturalness, supersymmetry, and light higgsinos - Xerxes Tata ()

    Navier-Stokes equations 1 - Choe, Hi Jun (Yonsei University)

    Navier-Stokes equations 2 - Choe, Hi Jun (Yonsei University)

    Navier-Stokes equations 3 - Choe, Hi Jun (Yonsei University)

    Navier-Stokes equations 4 - Choe, Hi Jun (Yonsei University)

    Navier-Stokes equations 5 - Choe, Hi Jun (Yonsei University)

    New dark matter candidates in RPV SUSY - Lian-Tao Wang ()

    New directions in spin current research at NIST, Boulder - Tom Silva (NIST)

    New directions in spin current research at NIST, Boulder - Tom Silva (NIST)

    New Frontiers for Control Schemes - Beatrice Chatel (CNRS/Toulouse)

    New magneto-hydrodynamic simulations of radiation pressure dominated accretion disks - Jim Stone (Princeton)

    New observational constraints on the growth of the first supermassive blacholes - Ezequiel Treister (Univ. de Concepcion)

    New particles in the SO(5)xU(1) gauge-Higgs unification model - Hisaki Hatanaka (KIAS)

    New platforms for 1D topological superconductors: spin polarization and transport properties - Pascal Simon (Univ. Paris & KITP )

    New routes of reactions by a long-lived negatively charged massive particle during big bang nucleosynthesis - Motohiko Kusakabe (Korea Aerospace Univ.)

    New sensitivity to Solar WIMP annihilation using low-energy neutrinos - Jenny Siegal-Gaskins (Caltech)

    New solvable discrete-time many-body problems featuring several arbitrary parameters - Calogero, F ()

    New Technique for Axion Detection - Peter Graham (Stanford)

    New Techniques for Cold Ion-molecule Chemistry - Tim Softley (Univ. Oxford)

    New Techniques for mass measurement at hadron colliders - Kaustubh Agashe (U. Maryland)

    News from matrix models - Flume, Rainald (Bonn University, Germany)

    Noise and Controllability: Suppression of Controllability Due to Noise in the Control Fields - Ronnie Kosloff (Hebrew Univ.)

    Noise and Controllability: Suppression of Controllability Due to Noise in the Control Fields - Ronnie Kosloff (Hebrew Univ.)

    Noise, Fluctuation, and Response in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics - Lucarini, V (Universität Hamburg/University of Reading)

    Non-Equilibrium Many-Body Physics in Current Molecule Experiments - Kaden Hazzard (Univ. Colorado, JILA & KITP )

    Non-Equilibrium Many-Body Physics in Current Molecule Experiments - Kaden Hazzard (Univ. Colorado, JILA & KITP )

    Non-Gaussian Inflation and Planck - Paul Shellard, James Fergusson (Univ. of Cambridge)

    Non-Gaussian Mode Coupling and the Statistical Cosmological Principle - Marilena LoVerde (Univ. Chicago & KITP )

    Non-perturbative renormalization of Bilinear Operators with Staggered Fermions - Jangho Kim (Seoul National University)

    Non-thermal fixed points: universality, topology, & turbulence in Bose systems - Gasenzer, T (Universität Heidelberg)

    Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Spatial Population Genetics - Maxim Lavrentovich (Harvard & KITP )

    Nonlinear field dynamics after inflation - Mustafa Amin (Kavli Institute for Cosmology, University of Cambridge & KITP )

    Nonlinear PDE arising from gauge field theory - Lin, Chang-Shou (National Taiwan Univ.)

    nonlinear-optics-1(Yariv ch1) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-2(Yariv ch2) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-3(Yariv ch3) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-4(Yariv ch8) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-5(Yariv ch9) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-6(Yariv ch12) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-7(Boyd ch4) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-8(Boyd ch6) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    nonlinear-optics-9(Boyd ch6, Boyd ch10) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Nuclear coups in unequal mass galaxy mergers - Pedro Capelo (Univ. of Michigan)

    Numerical Evidence for Firewalls - David Berenstein (UCSB)

    Numerical relativity and far-from-equilibrium dynamics - Yaffe, L (University of Washington)

    Numerical simulations of sediment transport and aeolian ripples - Philippe Claudin (ESPCI, Paris)

    Observational constraints on black hole seed formation and earlty growth, or: where do SMBSs come from anyway? - Kevin Schawinski (ETH Zurich & KITP )

    Observations of dual supermassive black holes at kpc-scale separations - Julie Comerford (Univ. of Colorado)

    Observing Radiation Pressure Shot Noise on a Solid Object - Cindy Regal (JILA)

    Old and New Physics with Ultracold Sr2 Molecules - Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia Univ.)

    On correlation functions of N=4 SYM in weak coupling and BFKL approximation - Kazakov, Vladimir (Paris University, France)

    On Macdonald polynomials in form factors approach - Pugai, Yaroslav (Landau Institute, Russia)

    On the completeness of solutions of Bethe’s equations - Nepomechie, Rafael (Miami University)

    On the cubic instability in the Q-tensor theory of nematics - Zarnescu, A ()

    On the Evolutionary Origins of the Egalitarian Syndrome - Sergey Gavrilets (Univ. Tennessee)

    On the three-point function of heavy non-BPS operators in N=4 SYM - Ivan Kostov ()

    On the use of Ruelle's formalism in response theory - Colangeli, M (Politecnico di Torino)

    On thermodynamics of stationary states of diffusive systems Coauthors L. Bertini, A. De Sole, D. Gabrielli, C. Landim - Jona-Lasinio, G (Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza)

    Onsager's Variational Principle in Soft Matter Dynamics - Doi, M ()

    Open problems session - Sluckin, T ()

    Operator norm convergence for sequence of matrices and application to QIT - Collins, B (University of Ottawa and AIMR)

    Opportunities for Defection and the Control of Defectors in Developmental and Evolutionary Transitions to Multicellularity - Rick Grosberg (UC Davis)

    Optical Control and Enhancing Sensitivity of Chemical Magnetometers - Markus Tiersch (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy & KITP )

    Optimal Control Theory for Quantum Gates in Open Quantum Systems - Christiane Koch (Univ. Kassel)

    Optimal location problems with routing cost - Buttazzo, GM (Università di Pisa)

    Optimal Transfer of Population for Quantum Systems - Haidong Yuan (Hong Kong Univ. & KITP )

    Optimal Uncertainty Quantification - Sullivan, T ()

    Optimising polynomials over the simplex - De Klerk, E ()

    Optomechanical Interface for Quantum Information Processing - Lin Tian (UC Merced & KITP )

    Order tensors of equilibrium phases - Virga, EG ()

    Ordering Knot Groups Lecture 1: Introduction to orderable groups. - Dale Rolfsen (University of British Columbia)

    Organisms, Individuals, Adaptations: About Some Conceptual Issues - Philip Huneman (Univ. Paris)

    Orthogonal polynomials in the normal matrix model with a cubic potential - Pavel Bleher ()

    Painlevé functions and conformal blocks - Lisovyy, Oleg (University of Tours, France)

    Painlevé Transcendents and their appearance in Physics and Random Matrix Theory - Alexander Its ()

    Paleo-climatic time series: statistics and dynamics - Imkeller, P (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

    Particle pressure and phase migration in suspensions: An osmotic approach - Jeffrey Morris (CUNY )

    Particle segregation in dense, inclined flows: binary mixtures of spheres - Jim Jenkins (Cornell & KITP )

    Particle Transport by Turbidity Currents, Solitary Waves and Turbulent Jets - Bruce Sutherland (Univ. of Alberta )

    Particle-laden flows INTO Nature: Sediment transport in unconventional reservoir stimulation - Brendon Hall (Ion Geophysical)

    Particles and poles in Ising field theory in a magnetic field - Zamolodchikov, Alexander (Rutgers University)

    Periodic trajectories in aeolian sand transport - Alexandre Valance (University of Rennes)

    Perspectives on neutrino mass models - Lisa Everett ()

    Petrov type I Spacetime and Dual Hydrodynamics - Zhang, YL (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Phonon recycling - Massoud Kaviany (POSTECH & Univ. Michigan, USA)

    Phonon recycling - Massoud Kaviany (POSTECH & Univ. Michigan, USA)

    Photo-elastomers (**joint talk with I-CAMP) - Warner, M ()

    Physics at ILC - Seong Youl Choi (Chonbuk)

    Physics of self-assembly and sensing - Tom Chou (UCLA & KITP )

    Pinning of Fermionic occupation numbers - Schilling, C (ETH Zürich)

    Planar cell polarity and epithelial morphogenesis in the Drosophila wing - Suzanne Eaton (MPI-CBG & KITP )

    Planck and B mode missions: implications for inflation, robustness, near-future prospects - William Jones (Princeton )

    Planck Parameters: another angle - Graca Rocha (Caltech/JPL)

    Planck Results: CIB - Guilaine Lagache (Université de Paris Sud)

    Planck Results: HFI - Brendan Crill (JPL)

    Planck Results: Lensing - Duncan Hanson (Gill University)

    Planck Results: Mission Overview - François Bouchet (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)

    Planck Results: Parameters - Joanna Dunkley (Univ. of Oxford)

    Planck2013 and Superconformal Symmetry - Renata Kallosh, Andrei Linde (Stanford)

    Planck: Implications for cosmology and comparison with other experiments - Christopher Hirata (Caltech and Panelists )

    Planck: The Low Frequency Instrument - Peter Meinhold (UCSB)

    Planting seeds: assembling the first black holes in the universe - Priya Natarajan (Yale)

    Pointed Majid algebras - Balodi, M ()

    Positive Semidefinite Rank of Polytopes - Robinson, RZ ()

    Positron Emission Tomography Imaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Guo, Q ()

    Positrons and bubbles: backgrounds for dark matter indirect searches - Philipp Mertsch (Stanford KIPAC & KITP )

    Powder snow avalanche - James McElwaine (Durham Univ. & KITP )

    POWHEG at NNLO using MNLO - Giulia Zanderighi (Oxford)

    Precision Higgs physics: the next step - Giampiero Passarino (INFN Torino)

    Precision Higgs physics: the next step - Giampiero Passarino (INFN Torino)

    Predicting the gluino and Higgs masses and decays from compactified M theory - Gordon Kane (U. Michigan)

    Predicting the needle in the haystack: simulating accreting (Rochester) supermassive binary black holes - Scott Noble (Rochester)

    Primordial and kinematic power modulation from Planck - Antony Lewis (Univ. of Sussex)

    Primordial cosmology through LSS - Eiichiro Komatsu (MPIA)

    Principal-Agent Theory of Nuptial Gifts and Courtship Feeding - Joan Roughgarden (Stanford/Univ. Hawaii)

    Private Higgs at the LHC - Yoni Ben Tov ()

    Probing 2HDM Using Top Observables - Pankaj Sharma (KIAS)

    Probing massive black holes with space-based interferometry and pulsar timing - Alberto Sesana (Albert Einstein Inst.)


    Probing the black hole-galaxy scaling relations: present and past - Kayhan Gültekin (Univ. of Michigan)

    Probing the M-sigma relation using active galaxies: from present to past - Jong-Hak Woo (SNU & KITP )

    Probing the origin of supermassive black hole seeds with nearby dwarf galaxies - Amy Reines (NRAO)

    Problems in mathematical fluid mechanics - Chae, Dongho (Chung-Ang Univ.)

    Problems related to defects in nematic liquid crystals - Bauman, P ()

    Projective Simulation for Classical and Quantum Autonomous Agents - Hans Briegel (Univ. Innsbruck & KITP )

    Prospects for strong field control beyond the single active electron model - Phil Bucksbaum (Stanford & KITP)

    Prospects of forming molecules with both electric and magnetic dipoles: magnetoassociation between alkali-metal atoms and closed-shell atoms - Jeremy Hutson (Univ. Durham)

    Protected Gates for Superconducting Qubits - John Preskill (Caltech)

    Quad equations and auto-Bäcklund transformations of NLS-type systems - Demskoy, D ()

    Quantitative modelling of market booms and crashes - Sheynzon, I ()

    Quantum Circuits and Coherent Quantum Feedback Control - Joshua Combes (UNM & KITP )

    Quantum Circuits and Macroscopic Quantum Systems - John Martinis (UCSB)

    Quantum Computational Phases of Matter - Gavin Brennen (Macquarie Univ. & KITP )

    Quantum Control Landscapes and Control with Engineered Reservoirs - Alex Pechen (Weizmann Inst. & KITP )

    Quantum Control of Atomic Qudits - Poul Jessen (Univ. Arizona)

    Quantum control: a circuit-based classification - Carlton Caves (UNM)

    Quantum Feedback in a Superconducting Qubit - Irfan Siddiqi (UC Berkeley)

    Quantum Feedback Networks - John Gough (Aberystwyth Univ. & KITP )

    Quantum Feedback Networks - Matthew James (ANU & KITP )

    Quantum gates based on geometric phase and some new population transfer ideas - Vladimir Malinovsky (Stevens Tech. & KITP)

    Quantum Information - Jonathan Oppenheim (Univ. College London)

    Quantum Magnetism and Topological Phases with Polar Molecules in Optical Lattices - Alexey Gorshkov (Caltech & KITP )

    Quantum marginals: the generic entanglement regime - Aubrun, G (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

    Quantum Metrology of Open Dynamical Systems: Precision Limits through Environmental Control - Luiz Davidovich (UFRJ, Brazil & KITP )

    Quantum Metrology of Open Dynamical Systems: Precision Limits Through Environmental Control - Luiz Davidovich (UFRJ, Brazil)

    Quantum Painleve Cubics - Marta Mazzocco ()

    Quantum Photonics: Prospects for Quantum Control in Nano-photonic Structures - Ataç Imamoglu (ETH Zürich)

    Quantum quenches & holography - Myers, R (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

    Quantum renormalization group and holography - Lee, SS (McMaster University)

    Quantum Simulation of Non-Abelian Lattice Gauge Theories with Cold Atoms - Peter Zoller (Univ. Innsbruck)

    Quantum simulation of small polaron formation with trapped ions - Vladimir M. Stojanovic (Univ. of Basel & KITP )

    Quantum Spectral Curve for Ads/CFT - Gromov, Nikolay (King's College London, Russia)

    Quantum Strangeness, Entanglement and Quantum Information - Gerard Milburn (Brisbane, Australia)

    Quantum System Identification - Daniel Burgarth (Imperial College & KITP )

    Quantum Tomography and Compressed Sensing via Continuous Measurement and Control - Ivan Deutsch (Univ. NM & KITP )

    Quantum-enhanced Optical-phase Tracking - Howard Wiseman (Griffith Univ.)

    Quench dynamics in quantum/classical integrable quantum field theories - Mussardo, Giuseppe (SISSA, Italy)

    Questions from the Cosmic Frontier - Jonathan Feng (UCI)

    Questions from the Intensity Frontier - Joanne Hewett (SLAC)

    Quicksilver solutions of a q-discrete Painlevé equation - Joshi, N ()

    Quiver gauge theories and quantum groups - Pestun, Vasily (Princeton University, USA)

    Radial symmetry and biaxiality in nematic liquid crystals - Henao, DA ()

    Raman transitions by chirped optical frequency combs: Prevention of decoherence - Sveta Malinovskaya (Stevens Tech. & KITP )

    rame energy for tori immersed in Rm: sharp Willmore-conjecture type lower bound, regularity of critical points and topological applications - Andrea Mondino (ETH)

    Random packing of mixtures of hard rods and spheres - Ferreiro, C ()

    Random tilings of polygons by rhombi, and their Gaussian Free Field fluctuations - Leonid Petrov ()

    Rapporteur Talk on Composite Higgs and Extra Dimensional Models - Eduardo Ponton (ICTP Sao Paulo)

    Rapporteur Talk on Dark Sector Models - Kathryn Zurek (Michigan)

    Rapporteur Talk on GUT and Neutrino Mass Models - Mu-Chun Chen (UCI)

    Rapporteur Talk on Supersymmetry Models - Jesse Thaler (MIT)

    Rationally connected manifolds and semipositivity of the Ricci curvature - Jean-Pierre Demailly (Grenoble)

    Realization of 2-channel Kondo effect in a junction of three quantum Ising chains - Alexei Tsvelik ()

    Realizing Topological Phases with Dipolar Spins - Alexey V. Gorshkov (Caltech)

    Recent progress in epsilon_K on the lattice - Weonjong Lee (Seoul National University)

    Reductions of DIS. Discrete Painlevé equations and Painlevé correspondences - Nieszporski, M ()

    Regime-dependent modelling of extremes in the extra-tropical atmospheric circulation - Kwasniok, F (University of Exeter)

    Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations 1 - Lihe Wang (University of Iowa)

    Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations 2 - Lihe Wang (University of Iowa)

    Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations 3 - Lihe Wang (University of Iowa)

    Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations 4 - Lihe Wang (University of Iowa)

    Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations 5 - Lihe Wang (University of Iowa)

    Relatedness and the Evolution of Multicellularity - Roberta Fisher (Oxford Univ.)

    Relatedness and the Fraternal Major Transitions - David Queller (WUSTL & KITP )

    Relating a data structure and its text representation: A case study of pretty-printing and parsing - Kazutaka Matsuda (University of Tokyo)

    Reliability of classical and classical-quantum channels - Dalai, M (Università degli Studi di Brescia)

    Remnants - Paul Langacker (IAS Princeton)

    Renormalization Approach to Non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics - Giulia Gualdi (Univ. Kassel & KITP )

    Renormalization of dim-6 operators relevant for h-->gamma+gamma and h-->gamma+Z - Jose Espinosa (IFAE Barcelona)

    Repeated non-demolition measurements and a detour into quantum noises - Denis Bernard ()

    Rescuing Quantum Mechanics and (Approximate) Spacetime - Steve Giddings (UCSB)

    Revisiting several problems and algorithms in Continuous Location with l_p norms - El Haj Ben Ali, A ()

    Rice, Locusts and Chemical Waves: A Hydrodynamic Theory of Polar Active Smectics - Toner, J ()

    Rice, Locusts and Chemical Waves: A Hydrodynamic Theory of Polar Active Smectics - Toner, J ()

    Rigorous computation of invariant measures and Lyapunov exponents - Galatolo, S (Università di Pisa)

    Risk measurement and quantitative risk management - Tasche, D ()

    RNA Self-assembly: Cooperation at the Origins of Life - Niles Lehman (Portland State Univ.)

    Role of pore pressure gradients in geophysical flows over permeable substrates - Michel Louge (Cornell University)

    Rotons, Stripe Phases, Dimerization: Condensed Matter Physics with Dipolar Molecules - Robert Zillich (J. Kepler Univ. & KITP )

    Saltation transport in a turbulent boundary layer - Ahmed Ould El Moctar (Université de Nantes & KITP )

    Saltation transport over various types of bed: field and laboratory measurements - Pascal Dupont (INSA/LGCGM & KITP)

    Sand Ripple and Dune - Alexandre Valance (Université de Rennes & KITP )

    Satisfaction of the eigenvalue constraints on the Q-tensor - Ball, J ()

    Scaling relationship between the copositive cone and a hierarchy of semidefinite approximations - Gijben, L ()

    Search for a singlet scalar at ILC - Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)

    Searching for new electroweak particles with new razor variables - Matthew Buckley (Fermilab)

    Sediment transport due to river inflows into a large alpine lake - Kara Scheu (Stanford University)

    Seiberg-like dualities in 2+1 dimensions - Park, Jaemo (Pohang University, Korea)

    Selected Higgs Scenarios and Current LHC Analyses - Jack Gunion ()

    Selected topics on fine (cohesive) sediment and sand (non-cohesive) transport in the coastal environment. - Tian-Jian Hsu (Univ. Delaware & KITP )

    Self similar solutions for curvature flows - Yu Yuan (University of Washington)

    Self-consistent models of basal entrainment in snow avalances - Dieter Issler (NGI & KITP )

    Self-ordering and Sympathetic Cooling in Optical Resonators - Helmut Ritsch (Univ. Innsbruck)

    Selfish Genes and Evolution of Cooperation - Gyan Bhanot (Rutgers & KITP )

    Semantics Preserving Transformation: An Impossible Dream? - Arend Rensink (University of Twente)

    Shedding Nonresonant Light on Polar Molecules - ()

    Short contributions, general discussion - Scott Watson, Thomas Hertog (Syracuse & KITP, K.U.Leuven & KITP )

    Signal/background interference in the di-photon Higgs signal at the LHC - Steven Martin (Northern Illinois U.)

    Signatures of massive black hole mergers: What should we look for - Saavik Ford (CUNY/AMNH/KITP)

    Signatures of pair-produced massive colored bosons - Yang Bai (U. Wisconsin)

    Silicon Calorimeter for ILC - I.H. Park (Sungkyunkwan U)

    Simulating saltation - Hans Herrmann (ETH Zurich )

    Simulation of armoured and swollen vesicles - Cheung, D ()

    Simulations of Fluvial Landscapes and Optimal Transport - Bjorn Birnir (UCSB )

    Simulations of model biaxial particles - Masters, A ()

    Single electron pump for quantum metrology triangle - Nam Kim (KRISS)

    Single grains, dense layers, and disperse grainsize distributions in turbidity currents; an experimental perspective II - Joris Eggenhuisen (Utrecht Univ. & KITP )

    Six vertex model: A counterexample in statistical mechanics - Vladimir Korepin ()

    Skew plane partitions with non-homogeneous weights - Sevak Mkrtchyan ()

    Skyrmion dynamics and topological transport phenomena - Yoshinori Tokura (RIKEN)

    Small covers over polytopes with a few facets - Park, Hanchul (Ajou University)

    Small scale CMB experiment - Christian Reichardt (UCB)

    Smart magnon spintronics - Burkard Hillebrands (Univ. Kaiserslautern )

    Snow Avalanche Dynamics -- Changes and Exchanges - Dieter Issler (NGI, Oslo)

    Snow avalanches (and related beasts) - theory and practice - Dieter Issler (NGI & KITP )

    Solvable incommensurable random tilings - Bernard Nienhuis ()

    Some non-commutative integrable systems from Desargues maps - Doliwa, A ()

    Some properties of the permutation tableaux of type B - Park, Kyoungsuk (Ajou University)

    Some recent results on possible spectra of strongly minimal theories in infinite recursive binary relational languages - Steffen Lempp (University of Wisconsin--Madison)

    Some recent results on the Kahan-Hirota-Kimura discretization - Quipsel, R ()

    Spacetime from Entanglement - Juan Maldacena (IAS & KITP)

    Special cubic threefolds, abelian varieties, and totally real quintic fields - James Carlson (Clay Math. Inst.)

    Special polynomials related to elliptic lattice models and Painlevé VI - Hjalmar Rosengren ()

    Special solutions of the additive discrete Painlevé equation with E(1)6 symmetry - Ormerod, C ()

    Spectra of 2D sigma models on symmetric spaces - Mitev, Vladimir (Humboldt University, Germany)

    Spectral properties of Neumann-Poincare operator and analysis of cloaking by anomalous localized resonance - Kang, Hyeonbae (Inha Univ.)

    Spectroscopy 11-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 14-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 2-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 3-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 3-2 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 4-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 5-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 6-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 7 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy 8-1 - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    Spectroscopy of Ultracold KRb Molecules - William Stwalley (Univ. Conn. & KITP )

    Spin and charge dynamics in nanotube circuits probed by transport and circuit QED techniques - Takis Kontos (École Normale Supérieure )

    Spin currents in a coherent exciton gas - Leonid Butov (UCSD)

    Spin currents in a coherent exciton gas - Leonid Butov (UCSD)

    Spin flip resonance in spin-orbit split quantum wires - Oleg Tretiakov (Tohoku Univ. & KITP )

    Spin Hall and Rashba effects in magnetic bilayers - Mark Stiles (NIST & KITP )

    Spin Hall and Spin Nernst Effect from first principles - Ingrid Mertig (Halle)

    Spin Hall and Spin Nernst Effect from first principles - Ingrid Mertig (Halle)

    Spin orbit torques and current induced domain wall motion in magnetic heterostructures - Masamitsu Hayashi (NIMS)

    Spin orbit torques and current induced domain wall motion in magnetic heterostructures - Masamitsu Hayashi (NIMS)

    Spin supercurrents and torquing with Majorana fermions - Alexey Kovalev (Univ. Nebraska & KITP )

    Spin torques and skyrmions in magnetic systems with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy - Rembert Duine (Universiteit Utrecht & KITP )

    Spin transport in metals and insulators - Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA & KITP )

    Spin waves and domain wall motion in antiferromagnets - Erlend Grytli Tveten (NTNU & KITP )

    Spin-motive force in the presence of spin-orbit interaction - Gen Tatara (CEMS RIKEN & KITP )

    Spintronics Research at Cornell (with some questions for you) - Daniel Ralph (Cornell )

    Stability of river bed forms - Marco Colombini (UNIGE-DICCA & KITP )

    Stable cohomology of compactifications of A_g - Klaus Hulek (Hannover)

    Stably stratified buoyancy-driven flows in the ocean: implications for sediment transport - Ben Kneller (Univ. of Aberdeen)

    Standard Model Higgs in non-decoupled supersymmetry - Mariano Quiros (IFAE Barcelona)

    Stars, disks and massive black holes - Tal Alexander (Weizmann Instit.)

    State and Parameter Estimation with Continuous Quantum Measurements - Klaus Molmer (Univ. Aarhus)

    State-to-State Dynamics in Ultracold Collisions: What Can We Learn From High Resolution Spectroscopy of Weakly Bound Molecular Complexes? - David Nesbitt (JILA)

    Statistics of eddy transport - Vlad, M (National Institute of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics)

    Status of Accelerator R&D at ILC - Eun-San Kim (경 북 대)

    Status of direct WIMP search experiments - Yeongduk Kim (Sejong University)

    Stellar Mass Black Holes in X-ray Binaries - Elena Gallo (Univ. of Michigan & KITP)

    Stochastic Effects in Hematopoiesis - Jorge Pacheco (Univ. Lisboa & KITP )

    Stochastic Effects in Hematopoiesis - Jorge Pacheco (Univ. Lisboa & KITP )

    Strategy for exploring 2 Higgs Doublet Models - Nathaniel Craig ()

    Stratified and free surface turbulent flows: Dispersion and clustering of floaters - Alfredo Soldati (Univ. Udine & KITP )

    Stratigraphic facies from the physics perspective of emergent phases of self organization - Mike Glinsky (Ion Geophysical)

    Strong cohomological rigidity of quasitoric manifolds - Park, Seonjeong (KAIST)

    Strongly Interacting Fermions in Optical Lattices: From Few to Many Particles - Michael Wall (Colorado School of Mines & KITP )

    Structure of the space of two-qubit gates, perfect entanglers and quantum control - Jiri Vala (Nat'l Univ. Ireland & KITP )

    Studying Evolutionary Transitions by Protein Interaction Networks - Frank Dehne (Carlton Univ.)

    Sub-GUT MSUGRA - Pearl Sandick ()

    Superconductor-based nanomechanics - Yaroslav Blanter (TU Delft & KITP )

    Supermassive black hole binary evolution in axisymmetric galaxies - Fazeel M. Khan (Islamabad Inst. of Space Technology)

    Supermassive black holes in compact galaxies - Remco van den Bosch (MPA)

    Supermassive black holes in cosmic structure formation - Tiziana Di Matteo (Carnegie Mellon)

    Superposition, Entanglement, and Raising Schroedinger's Cat - David J. Wineland (NIST Boulder)

    SUSY - 이재식 ()

    SUSY after the 125 GeV Higgs Discovery - Pran Nath (Northeastern Univ. & KITP )

    SUSY after the first run of the LHC - Michele Papucci (University of Michigan)

    SUSY Global fits: implications for dark matter - Charlotte Strege (Imperial College London)

    SUSY on the frontier - Tom Rizzo ()

    SUSY Search Status - David Stuart (UCSB )

    System Identification and Dynamical Steady States in Driven Quantum Dots - Tom Stace (Univ. of Queensland & KITP )

    Systemic risk: a challenge for mathematical modelling - Cont, R ()

    TBA - Paul Zinn-Justin ()

    Test of naturalness in Higgs couplings - Matthew McCullough ()

    Testing inflationary models with Planck - Hiranya Peiris (University College, London)

    Testing the Time-variation of Fundamental Constants Using Cold and Not So Cold Molecules - Rick Bethlem (VU Univ. Amsterdam)

    TeV-scale SUSY - what now - Leszek Roszkowski (NCNR Warsaw)

    The "turbulent'' side of gravity, stability and BH behavior - Lehner, L (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

    The 130 GeV line as a signal of dark matter annihilation - Ilias Cholis (FNAL)

    The 2-boundary Brauer mode - Anita Ponsaing ()

    The A-Truncated K-Moment Problem - Nie, J ()

    The asynchronous evolution of bulges and supermassive black holes in NGC4342 and NGC4291 - Akos Bogdan (CfA)

    The Bardeen-Petterson effect in magneto-hydrodynamics - Julian Krolik (JHU)

    The Black Hole Story in 4 Steps - Samir Mathur (OSU & KITP)

    The Case for Firewalls - Don Marolf (UCSB)

    The Case for Firewalls - Raphael Bousso (UCB)

    The Challenges of Geometric Complexity Theory - Bürgisser, P (Technische Universität Berlin)

    The co-evolution of galaxies and black holes in the past ten billion years - Tommaso Treu (UC Santa Barbara)

    The contribution of merger and secular processes to the evolution of active galactic nuclei - David Ballantyne (Georgia Tech)

    The decay of turbulence: experimental scrutiny - Gregory Bewley (MPIDS & KITP )

    The dilaton, the radion and duality - Zakaria Chacko (U. Maryland)

    The effective theory of Large Scale Structure - Matias Zaldarriaga (IAS & KITP )

    The effects of wind on the rise of volcanic plumes and the dispersal of volcanic ash - AJ Hogg (Univ. Bristol & KITP )

    The Evolution of a Unicellular Bottleneck in the Life History of Multicellular Organisms - Paul Ryan (Univ Southampton)

    The Evolution of Mutation Rates and the Relevance to Multicellularity - Mike Lynch (Indiana Univ. & KITP )

    The extreme growth of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies at z=5 - Benny Trakhtenbrot (Weizmann Inst.)

    The extremities of the local black hole scaling relations - Remco van den Bosch (MPIA & KITP )

    The Fuzzball Program and Black Hole Complementarity - David Turton (OSU & KITP)

    The growth of the first QSOs: Constraints from the host galaxies - Raffaella Schneider (INAF Roma & KITP )

    The Higgs boson and the scale of new physics - Giuseppe Degrassi (U. Rome III)

    The host galaxies of AGN at 0.2 - Alison Coil (UC San Diego)

    The Implications of Optimality Results for Incremental Model Synchronization for TGGs - Holger Giese (Hasso Plattner Institute für Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH)

    The influence of baryons on interpreting a dark matter model - Alyson Brooks (UW-Madison)

    The IR landscape of holography: Cohesive and fractionalised phases, insulators and bad metals - Kiritsis, E (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    The Landau theory of liquid crystals and its molecular interpretation - Longa, L ()

    The mechanical regulation of morphogenesis in plants. - Arezki Boudaoud (ENS Lyon & KITP )

    The modeling of rare events: from methodology to practice and back - Embrechts, P (ETH Zürich)

    The modified second fluctuation-dissipation theorem - Maes, C (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

    The Morphogenesis of Branched Tissues - Roeland Merks (CWI & KITP )

    The MOTION Trap: A Hybrid Neutral-ion Environment for Fundamental Physics, Quantum Chemistry, and Quantum Information - Eric Hudson (UCLA )

    The Nambu-Goto string spectrum and the TBA - Tateo, Roberto (Torino University, Italy)

    The Origin Of Metazoan Multicellularity: What Comparative Genomics Is Telling Us And How We Could Go Forward - Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo (CSIC-UPF & KITP )

    The Origin of Variation in Molecular Complexes - Mike Travisano (Univ. Minnesota)

    The P5 Process After Snowmass - Glen Crawford (DOE)

    The phase behaviour of shape-changing spheroids - Teixeira, P ()

    The Phenomenology of Models with Warped Extra Dimensions and a Bulk Higgs - Paul Archer ()

    The Phenomenology of Models with Warped Extra Dimensions and a Bulk Higgs - Paul Archer ()

    The physics of mass outflows driven by radiation from active galactic nuclei - Daniel Proga (Univ. of Nevada)

    The physics of unphysical simulations - Frenkel, D ()

    The Planck Satellite 2013 data release - Andrew Liddle (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh & KITP )

    The Planck View of CMB Contamination from Diffuse Foregrounds - Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA)

    The q-Painlevé equations arising from the q-interpolation problems - Yamada, Y ()

    The quantum and classical description of atomic spins on surfaces - Andreas Heinrich (IBM )

    The retina as a model to understand cell biological aspects of morphogenesis - Caren Norden (MPI-CBG )

    The Search for Dark Matter Debris: Exploring New Possibilities for Substructure - Mariangela Lisanti (Princeton)

    The search for new physics in neutral kaon mixing and B to D(*) ell nu form factors from lattice QCD - Jon A. Bailey (Seoul National University)

    The shape, movement, and field-scale evolution of the Golden Gate Sandwaves - Daniel Hanes (SLU)

    The Sociochronobiology of Bees - Guy Bloch (Hebrew Univ.)

    The Stochastic Diversification of Multimeric States of Proteins - Michael Lynch (Univ. Indiana)

    The Strong-coupling Approach to Nonequilibrium Many-body Physics with Cold Atoms and Molecules - Jim Freericks (Georgetown Univ. )

    The supermassive seeds of supermassive black holes - Jarrett Johnson (Los Alamos)

    The Sylvester equation, Cauchy matrices and matrix discrete integrable systems - Zhang, DJ ()

    The temporal variability of model accretion disks - Chris Reynolds (Univ. of Maryland)

    The theory of fields is complete for isomorphisms - Russell Miller (Queens College (City University of New York))

    The variational principle for Lagrangian 1-forms - Yoo-Kong, S ()

    The Virasoro algebra and discrete Gaussian free field - Fredrik Viklund ()

    Theoretical and Experimental Error Correction of Programmable Quantum Annealing - Daniel Lidar (USC)

    Theoretical description of the anomalous and spin Hall effects in disordered alloys using the Coherent Potential Approximation - Hubert Ebert (Munich)

    Theoretical description of the anomalous and spin Hall effects in disordered alloys using the Coherent Potential Approximation - Hubert Ebert (Munich)

    Theoretical perspectives on the problem of cooperation: Part 1 - Michael Doebeli (UBC & KITP )

    Theoretical perspectives on the problem of cooperation: Part 2 - Michael Doebeli (UBC & KITP )

    Theory of spin current generation in spintronics - Sadamichi Maekawa (JAEA)

    Theory of spin current generation in spintronics - Sadamichi Maekawa (JAEA)

    Theory: Bottom up overview - Leonardo Senatore (Stanford/CERN)

    Theory: Top down overview - Liam McAllister (Cornell)

    Theory: Two Interpretations of the Bounds on Non-Gaussianity - Daniel Green (Stanford)

    Thermodynamic Bounds Under Quantum Control - Gershon Kurizki (Weizmann Inst.)

    Thermoelectric transport through Kondo nano-devices - Mikhail Kiselev (The Abdus Salam ICTP & KITP )

    Three point functions in N=4 SYM at strong coupling - Komatsu, Shota (University of Tokyo, Japan)

    Three-body collisions for alkali atoms near Feshbach resonances - Yujun Wang (Univ. Maryland & KITP )

    Three-wave interactions in problems with two length scales: Faraday waves and soft-matter quasicrystals - Rucklidge, A ()

    Threshold dynamics for compartmental epidemic models with delays and related problems - Enatsu, Yoichi (Univesity of Tokyo)

    Threshold phenomena for quantum marginals - Szarek, SJ (Case Western Reserve University)

    Tilings, Point sets, and Dynamical Systems - Christoph Richard ()

    Time-Periodic Solutions in an Einstein AdS Massless Scalar Field System - Rostworowski, A (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski)

    Top pair production at NNLO - Alexander Mitov (CERN)

    Top partners and the Higgs boson - Sally Dawson (Brookhaven)

    Top Quark Physics - Suyong Choi (Korea University )

    Top Quark Polarization Observables at Hadron Colliders - Dong-Won Jung (KIAS)

    Top-antitop + jet production at the LHC - Susanne Westhoff (U. Pittsburgh)

    Top-quark forward-backward asymmetry and new strong interactions - Alexander Kagan (U. Cincinnati)

    Topographic Rossby waves on a smooth and continuous slope - Teeluck, V ()

    Topological colloids and particle-induced defects in liquid crystals - Smalyukh, I ()

    Topological Concepts in Plasmas - Setthivioine You (Univ. of Washington, USA)

    Topological insulators - Claudia Felser (MPI )

    Topological Order in Spin Systems - Paul Fendley ()

    Topological Transitions in Mixed-geometry Lattices, and Dynamics of Fermions in One Dimension - Päivi Törmä (Aalto Univ & KITP )

    Topology of quadrature domains: 2D Coulomb gas with algebraic potential - Seung-Yeop Lee ()

    Towards a determination of the tau lepton g-2 - Massimo Passera (INFN Padova)

    Towards Chemically Stable Fermionic Ground State Molecules of NaK - Sebastian Will (MIT)

    Towards Efficient Higher-Order Semidefinite Relaxations for Max-Cut - Anjos, MF ()

    Towards realistic model of Quarks and Leptons and leptonic $CP$ violation and neutrinoless double beta decay - Yang-Hwan, Ahn (KIAS)

    Towards the identification of new physics through flavor physics - Andrzej Buras (TU Munich)

    Towards ultracold ground state RbCs molecules - Simon Cornish (Durham Univ. )


    Town Meeting - Lars Bergstrom, Andrea de Gouvea, Mihoko Nojiri, Xerxes Tata (Stockholm, Northwestern, KEK, Univ. Hawaii)

    Transverse instability of megaripples - Hezi Yizhaq (Ben Gurion University)

    Traveling and resting crystals in crowds of self-propelled particles - Menzel, A ()

    Turbidity currents and river outflows - Eckart Meiburg (UCSB & KITP)

    Turbidity currents interacting with three-dimensional seafloor topographies: A depth-resolved numerical investigation - Mohamad Nasr-Azadani (CSB )

    Two boundary refinement of the Razumov-Stroganov correspondence - Luigi Cantini ()

    Two Higgs doublet models for the LHC Higgs boson data at sqrt{s} = 7 and 8 TeV - Jong-Phil Lee (Korea Univ.)

    Two-Dimensional Colloidal Alloys - Buzza, M ()

    Typical behaviour of extremes of chaotic dynamical systems for general observables - Kuna, T (University of Reading)

    UCSB Physics Colloquium: Stirring Tails of Evolution - Ray Goldstein (Cambridge Univ. )

    Ultracold Few-body Systems - Brett Esry (James R. Macdonald Laboratory & KITP )

    Understanding biological systems through statistical physics - Yong Woon Kim (KAIST)

    Universal Whitham heirarchy and its applications - Igor Krichever ()

    Universe without expansion - Christof Wetterich (Univ. Heidelberg & KITP )

    Unparticles and strongly correlated electron matter - Phillips, PW (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    Use of event-level neutrino telescope data in global fits for theories of new physics - Patrick Scott (McGill Univ. & KITP )

    Validation of Bidirectional Transformation - Zhenjiang Hu (National Institute for Informatics)

    Variational principle for discrete 2d integrable systems - Lobb, S ()

    Variational problems for cholesteric liquid crystals - Function spaces and competing theories - Bedford, S ()

    Vector-like leptons and large A-term for 126 GeV Higgs boson - Bumseok KYAE (Pusan Nat’l Univ.)

    velopment of large aeolian bedforms - time matters - Nicolas Lancaster (Desert Research Inst. & KITP )

    Vision talk - Joe Lykken (Fermilab)

    Visionary Concluding Talk - Maxim Perelstein (Cornell)

    Volvocalean Organelle DNA and the Origins of Genome Architecture - David Smith (Univ. British Columbia)

    Vortices, streaks and Coherent Structures: Lessons learned from the turbulence transition in pipe flow - Bruno Eckhardt (Philipps-Univ. Marburg & KITP )

    Ward Identities for Adiabatic Modes - Justin Khoury (Univ. of Penn)

    Wellposedness of a Coupled Navier-Stokes/Q-tensor System - Liu, Y ()

    Wetting in granular flows: Debris flows & ice avalanches - Barbara Turnbull (University of Nottingham )

    What an old problem has still to say: the infamous K13-case - Virga, EG ()

    What can BX make from Sense? - Arend Rensink (University of Twente)

    What can conformal bootstrap tell about QCD phase transition? - Nakayama, Yu (Kavli IPMU, Japan)

    What can holographic entanglement entropy teach us about general relativity? - Headrick, M (Brandeis University)

    What Complexity Science offers to Industry - Davies, P ()

    What is an Organism? - David Queller (Univ. Washington)

    What is integrability of discrete variational systems? - Suris, YB ()

    What is the scale of new physics? - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Ecole polytechnique federale de lausanne)

    What Role Does Quantum Mechanics Play in Biology? - Birgitta Whaley (UCB)

    What we need from the Bx example zoo - Erhan Leblebici (TU Darmstadt)

    What's at The Horizon? - David Eisenbud (미국 수리과학연구소(MSRI), UC Berkeley )

    Where is the interesting physics in wind-blown sand? - Klaus Kroy (Univ. Leipzig & KITP )

    Where Mathematics and Meteorology meet: Maximizing the value of observations for data assimilation across a range of scales - Dance, S ()

    Where to Dig for Gold? - Density Segregation inside Migrating Dunes - Christof Krülle (Univ. Bayreuth, Univ. Karlsruhe)

    Wilsonian and large N approaches to non-Fermi liquids - Kachru, S (Stanford University)

    Wino Dark Matter Revisited - Shigeki Matsumoto (Kavli IPMU)

    WMAP, Planck, ACT, etc. - Lyman Page (nceton & KITP )

    Young Hair - Andrea Puhm (CEA)

    Yukawa unification predictions for LHC with effective mirage mediation - Archana Anandakrishnan ()

    물리 - Anne Green (Univ. Nottingham)

    미래를 밝힐 새로운 조명원: LED와 황전등(This talk will be given in Korean) - Soo Yong Park (SP Lightings, Inc.&Emeritus )

    일반물리학 강의노트(10장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(11장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(12장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(14장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(15장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(16장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(1장~3장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(21장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(22장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(23장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(24장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(25장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(26장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(27장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(28장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(29장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(30장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(33장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(33장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(34장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(35장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(36장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(4장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(5장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(6장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(7장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(8장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(9장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

    일반물리학 강의노트(9장) - 오차환 (한양대학교)

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